Not having a reliable food source to keep your children’s stomachs full is an unfortunate reality for many. No child should ever have to experience hunger and all its adverse effects. To tackle this issue, Berkeley County Backpack (BCBP) has made it its mission to alleviate food insecurity and improve socio-economic conditions in Berkeley County.

The Berkeley County Backpack Program is a non-profit organization that aims to address food insecurity in Berkeley County, West Virginia. The program works by providing eligible children with a backpack full of nutritious food every Friday, which is designed to last them through the weekend when they may not have access to school-provided meals. The backpacks are discreetly distributed to the children at their schools to avoid any potential stigma or embarrassment.

This noble organization is run entirely by volunteers and relies on the support of donors and community partners to continue operating. In addition to providing food, the program also offers educational materials and resources to help promote healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices.

We support BCBP’s fight to end child hunger, and we hope you’ll join us – for free! To become a part of this cause, all you need to do is recommend our agency for a no-obligation quote to your friends and family. And we will gladly donate $10 on your behalf to the organization for every single recommendation you make! So how many people do you know who might like to save money on their insurance AND help out hungry children in the process?

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